Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Small Project

Just a small home improvement project. One of my favorite places, The Container Store was having a sale so I decided it was time to do something about what has become a junk drawer in my kitchen. I store all of my kitchen utensils in a drawer because I think leaving them out on the counter gets them dusty and with all the cat hair that flies around my house, they are safer in the drawer. However, my drawer started to look like this:

Kindof embarrasing to open when you have a guest over and you have to sort through this mess to find a pair of tangled tongs.

At The Container Store, I picked up the Expand-a-Drawer Cutlery Tray and the Expand-a-Drawer Utensil Tray. They fit my space perfectly! Since they are expandable, there is a piece on either side of the tray that pulls out to fit the drawer. The cutlery tray was perfect for storing all the smaller stuff that seems to get lost, like the meat thermometer and vegetable peeler.

Here is my end result. It makes me very happy to see everything so neat and organized when I open this drawer!

All nice and neat.

I also picked up a drawer organizer for my spices while at The Container Store. I had been looking for one at Ikea, but for the life of me I could not find the Rationell in the store. Instead I got The Container Stores version.

I think it works very nicely in the drawer next to the stove.

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