Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The past several days I have been working on digging out a portion of the yard for my small flower garden. Next year I would love to plant vegetables, but for right now I am going to start small. There is already a bit of ground sectioned off with small bricks that is the perfect size. I turned up the dirt and weeded, and planted some wildflowers so far. I also got sunflowers and blue bonnets, and other flowers to plant hopefully this week.

Here is my little bit of flower patch planted and waiting for sprouts.

While I was watering my seeds, I noticed a bud. There were these strange looking leaves to the left of the AC unit (to the right is my garden) which my mom thought might sprout flowers. Since we did not move in to the house until September, I wasn't sure. But, I found a bud! I believe it might turn into an iris, but we'll see. Out of the three bunches back there, only one bud. That's good enough for me since we inherited this pretty from the previous owners.

I am going to keep a close watch on this one.

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